How to Avoid SG-JB Jams During December School Holidays

8 Nov, 2019 • 4 min read
How to Avoid SG-JB Jams During December School Holidays

Expect Traffic Jams at Checkpoints During December School Holidays

Year-end school holidays are starting in the next two weeks! One very common way for students and families to enjoy the break is by day-tripping to Johor Bahru.

Unfortunately, many people will think about doing the same. In fact, statistics suggest over 1.2 million trips are made from Singapore to Malaysia every December (average since 2010).

This is close to 20% above other months.

Plan ahead for your Johor Bahru Drive

Many people travelling also means heavier traffic, and no one likes spending more than half of their day trip stuck in traffic.

During heavy traffic timings, we estimate traffic jams can cost you up to 3 hours each way. That means 6 hours both ways or half of your 12 hour day trip!

Thankfully, Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) enforcement has been pushed back to next year.

Planning your trip in advance allows you to save time. Here are some of the factors we think you should consider:

Tip 1: Avoid the start of school holidays

Generally speaking, most students can’t wait to travel once the school holidays start. As a result, we recommend avoiding the start of the school holidays to drive to Johor Bahru.

Key dates for travellers to avoid are: Nov 16 (Sat) when primary and secondary school commence school holidays, Nov 23 (Sat) when Junior Colleges commence school holidays.

School holidays in Johor Bahru also matter as inbound traffic to Singapore could cause congestion at the border. School holidays start on Nov 22 (Fri) in Johor Bahru.

Tip 2: Avoid weekends

While it is school holidays, parents tend to continue working during the weekdays.

This results in heavier traffic flow during the weekends.

During weekends, it is not uncommon for Singaporeans to travel to Johor between 8-11am and return to Singapore between 6-10pm.

Tip 3: Avoid peak hours

There are many Malaysians who are based in Johor but travel to work in Singapore. Their daily commute starts between 6-9am while they return back to Malaysia between 5-8pm.

We recommend drivers to avoid these peak hours.

Tip 4: Check online before making your trip

One easy way to save travelling time is to check online sources for jams at the checkpoints.

There are multiple sources to do so and these are: Beat the Jam! (app), SGCustom (telegram), (website), OneMotoring (website).

Tip 5: Find out which checkpoint has less traffic

One of the two checkpoints (Tuas or Woodlands) may have heavier traffic at any point in time.

We recommend checking the traffic at both checkpoints before deciding which one to use.

You can easily do so using the above sources.

Tip 6: Make sure your car works

One of the worst things that could happen while travelling to Malaysia is a vehicle breakdown.

To avoid this, Steer recommends car owners to service their cars regularly.

Ask us here or through whatsapp to get quotes or recommendations.

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