A Guide to Avoiding SG-JB Traffic Jams During June Holidays

4 Jun, 2019 • 5 min read
A Guide to Avoiding SG-JB Traffic Jams During June Holidays

June holidays checkpoint jams

The June school holidays are here! One of the many ways for students and families to unwind is by day-tripping to Johor Bahru.

Unfortunately, everyone is thinking about doing the same thing. According to Tourism Malaysia , June is the second most common month to make a trip to Malaysia. Based on data from the past 10 years, over 1.14 million Singaporeans make the trip every June. This figure tends to be 9% more than the typical month (excluding December).

This also means traffic jams. Day trips are short and there is nothing worse than spending hours stuck in traffic.

During peak periods, we estimate traffic jams can take up to 3 hours each way. Assuming you spend 12 hours in Johor Bahru (including commute), you could spend half your time in traffic!

Even Singapore’s Immigration and Check Point Authority (ICA) has advised travelers to plan their travel .

Factors that affect checkpoint traffic

Pre-planning your trip allows you to save time. Here are some factors Steer looks out for:

1. Avoid (Johor) school holidays (June 1-8): The June holidays provide a good opportunity for Singaporeans to bring their children to Malaysia. However, one commonly overlooked factor is Johor school holidays (May 24 to June 8). Singapore school holidays last from June 1 to June 30; we expect the overlapping period, June 1-8, to be the busiest part of the month.

2. Avoid public holidays (June 5-6): Hari Raya Puasa is celebrated on June 5 in Singapore and June 5-6 in Malaysia. During these periods, we expect to see more travelling across checkpoints as families rush to celebrate. It is also common for workers to take leave around the period.

3. Avoid weekends: Most people work Monday-Friday and are free to travel during the weekends. However, this is also when traffic is the worst. On weekends, it is common for Singaporeans to travel to Johor between 8-11am and return to Singapore between 6-10pm.

4. Avoid peak hours: There are many Malaysians who are based in Johor and work in Singapore. Their daily commute starts between 6-9am while they return back to Malaysia between 5-8pm.

Here’s how to dodge the traffic jams

We have considered these factors and produced a traffic heat map that helps you plan your trip. The week of June 3-June 9 should be the busiest week as it is 1) school holidays in Johor and Singapore, 2) it is the end of the Ramadan month. Traffic in the last weekend of June could also be heavier as Singaporeans squeeze in last minute travelling.

We recommend visiting Johor on weekdays or during the middle of the month. This map shows the traffic conditions we expect in June. Deep red represents a high chance of traffic jams while white suggests jams are unlikely.

Other things you can do to avoid traffic

Check before leaving: One easy way to save travelling time is to check online sources for jams at the checkpoints. There are multiple sources to do so and these are: Beat the Jam! (app), SGCustom (telegram), Checkpoint.sg (website), OneMotoring (website).

Find out which checkpoint has less traffic: Either (Tuas or Woodlands) checkpoint can get very congested. We recommend checking the traffic at both checkpoints before deciding which one to use. You can easily do so using the above sources.

Make sure your car works

One of the worst things that could happen while travelling to Malaysia is a vehicle breakdown.

To avoid this, Steer recommends car owners to service their cars regularly.

Our platform allows car owners to find reliable car workshops at a discounted rate to ensure cars are at tip-top condition without breaking the bank.

Read here to know all about what is causing these jams.

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