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Recent questions
Which workshops are open on Sunday?
Ben from Steer - Answered May 12 - Response time: 15 minutes
Workshops that open on Sunday are lifesavers, here are some of them!

Where should I change the transmission fluid for my Mitsubishi Attrage?
Andre from Garage R & Simon from OBS Garage - Answered May 8 - Response time: 10 minutes
Here are two workshops that can provide the original CVT transmission fluid change for your car!

1. Garage R (Ang Mo Kio) – $133 (Mitsubishi oil + labour). This workshop specialises in Mitsubishi cars.

2. OBS Garage (Sin Ming) – $160 (Mitsubishi oil + labour)

How much is it to replace the engine mount for my Renault?
Adrian from GForce Autotechnik & Jing Kia from Jing Kia Car Services - Answered Apr 7 - Response time: 25 minutes
Here are quotes from two workshops that can do the job.

1. GForce Autotechnik (Kaki Bukit) – Estimated price is $450 (parts + labour)

2. Jing Kia Car Services (Ang Mo Kio) – Estimated price is $750 (parts + labour)

Can I get a quote for changing my front and rear brake pads and rear shock absorbers?
Jing Kia from Jing Kia Car Services & Lawrence from Autotech Service Centre – Answered 29 Mar 2019 - Response time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Hi Henry, here are quotes from two workshops.

1. Jing Kia Car Services (Ang Mo Kio) – total price of $586 comprising:
Front and rear brake pads - $246 (original parts + labour)
Rear shock absorbers - $340 (parts + labour)

2. Autotech Service Centre (Woodlands) – total price of $703 comprising:
Front and rear brake pads - $301 (original parts + labour)
Rear shock absorbers - $402 (parts + labour)

Which workshops would you recommend for front shock absorbers? What is the price like?
Joe from J’s Garage - Answered 19 Mar 2019 - Response time: 1 hour 50 minutes
We received a quote from J’s Garage (Toh Guan) – $380 for Honda original parts (installation charges included). The part can be ordered in on the same day and the installation of the part will take 3 hours to complete.

Where can I replace my damaged car plate?
DJ from KGC Workshop - Answered 15 Mar 2019 - Response time: 30 minutes
Hey Jason! KGC Workshop at Sin Ming Autocare does it for $40 (before GST) – this includes a new car plate plus the casing.
The expected production time is 3-5 days. If you need it sooner than that, you can opt for the express service, which will cost $15 more. Once the car plate is ready, it can be installed in 10 minutes.

Do you know any workshops that carry the Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit?
Lyonel from Godspeed AutoTechnik & Anthony from Autoclinic - Answered 10 Mar 2019 - Response time: 2 hours 10 minutes

Hi, we found a workshop that is able to install the Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit for your car. Godspeed AutoTechik (Kaki Bukit) quoted $2,000, which is inclusive of installation and alignment. It will take 3 weeks for the parts to arrive.

Alternatively, if you need it fast, Autoclinic (Toh Guan) is offering KW suspensions with a shorter lead time. The price is $2,500 – inclusive of installation. It will take less than a week for the parts to arrive.

Any workshop recommendations for car horn replacement?
Ah Boon from BL Garage, Gilbert from Accord Auto Services & Ah Hwa from BMS Motorsports - Answered 29 Jan 2019 - Response time: 45 minutes

These workshops can replace your Suzuki Swift’s car horn. If location is not a problem, we recommend BL Garage as they are a specialist in this area and the price is the most affordable.

BL Garage (Kaki Bukit): from $50 (OEM parts + labour cost). They specialise in Suzuki cars.
BMS Motorsports (Ang Mo Kio):: $60-$70 (OEM parts) + $30-$40 (labour cost)
Accord Auto Services (Bukit Merah): from $60 to $70 (aftermarket parts, not including labour cost)