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Cashback can be earned at this workshop (more details)
Cashback can be used at this workshop (more details)


Price is as advertised in the workshop.
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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Servicing Package
60 mins
from $80.00
Aircon Gas Top Up
10 mins
from $20.00


Battery Replacement
30 mins
from $90.00


Brake Pads Replacement (Continental Car)
60 mins
from $150.00
Brake Rotors Replacement (Asian Car)
60 mins
from $280.00
Brake Pads Replacement (Asian Car)
60 mins
from $88.00
Brake Rotors Replacement (Continental Car)
60 mins
from $350.00
Brake Fluid Replacement
40 mins
from $60.00

Clutch and Transmission

Auto Transmission Fluid Replacement
40 mins
from $90.00


Internal Engine Cleaning
30 mins
from $50.00
Engine Coolant Replacement
40 mins
from $80.00


LTA Inspection Service
2 hr
from $95.20

Regular Service

Car Servicing Package (Continental Car)
40 mins
from $98.00
Car Servicing Package (Asian Car)
40 mins
from $88.00

Steering System

Car Horn Replacement
1 hr
from $50.00

Suspension System

Shock Absorbers Replacement (Asian Car)
120 mins
from $500.00
Shock Absorbers Replacement (Continental Car)
120 mins
from $700.00


Tyre Rotation
10 mins
from $40.00

40 Ratings

Fairul Suzuki Swift Feb 2020
Honest workshop, knew straight away what the problem was and no unnecessary changes were needed.
Shaun Suzuki Every Jan 2020
Great service rendered. Fast and efficient. Took the initiative to resolve issues and always keeping me updated from time to time. Great sense of punctuality. Thumbs up
Juan Suzuki Sx4 Jan 2020
Fixed my aircon on the spot new coil and pipe that were leaking. Excellent work guys.
Yeong Chean Suzuki Swift Dec 2019
Specialized in Suzuki swift car models. Very experience staff. I am very pleased with the service there. Thumbs up!!!
Zaw Mazda Mazda 2 HB Sep 2019
Great experience with advance booking from Technician worked straight and finished within 40 minutes. Engine was really efficient and smooth after servicing. Reliable price as well.
Shaun Suzuki Every Aug 2019
Greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staffs. Servicing was pretty fast and neat. The owner is accommodating enough towards customer requests eventhough there were some miscommunication at 1st. Glad everything went smoothly. I have been well updated about the status of my Vehicle when its being valet over to my place. Thumbs up! Just found my reliable car workshop to get assistance in the future.
Calvin Dec 2018
Just bought my swift. In need of servicing and I found him on Facebook with excellent reviews. Decided to check this workshop out and no regrets!!! Good services!!! Please check this workshop out!!
BL Garage
25 Kaki Bukit Road 4 #03-24 Synergy @ KB, Singapore, 417800

Business Hours

10:00 am – 8:00 pm
10:00 am – 8:00 pm
10:00 am – 8:00 pm
10:00 am – 8:00 pm
10:00 am – 8:00 pm
10:00 am – 8:00 pm

About Us

BL Garage Pte Ltd offers professional and reliable products and services to cater for your cars needs.

4 years of industry experience.


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Features and amenities

Air Conditioned Waiting Lounge
Free Drinks
Free Parking

Types of cars

We serve all types of cars.
We also specialise in brands such as

Other services performed

Pickup & Drop-off

Pickup and drop-off service is available at this workshop.
Single trip: $38
Round trip: $65

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