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What People Are Saying

Kelvin Lee Feb 2020
Very unpleasant experience. Had an idling problem, sent the car in for 3 days and an overnighter. When I collected car, car couldn’t start, Realized the battery was flat and nobody noticed. Found my left lamp not working so I asked why. Boss said to me these things happen and left it like that. In total I spent more than 2k and nothing was solved. My idling problem remains today.
Joe Chai Aug 2019
Contacted Tony to code out my Adaptive suspension error code because I changed to coilovers... at the same time, I asked to have my M135i tuned... not only has Tony sorted out the adaptive suspension error, now with the new tune, it’s like the car has woken up! In Comfort mode, it is a lot more responsive yet keeping the characteristics of the Comfort Mode... In Sports mode, it is just brutal, especially when I shift the transmission to Sports at the same time (I also have xHP transmission flash which is done by Tony also), it just keeps pulling and pulling... I already had JB4 before the tune, now with the custom tune, it’s just like another level up! highly recommended! 👍🏼😁👍🏼
Thomas Eng Jul 2019
Tony and his staff are very knowledgeable and professional! Nothing beats a team of guys who know their stuff... Am extremely pleased with the work done and this will be my workshop from now!
Fred Mailhot Jun 2019
This guy is a legend! He fixed my car like nobody else was able to! If you need help, he’s the guy to talk to!!!
Bryan Andre Jun 2019
Never have I seen a workshop with better service, the staff are knowledgeable and affable. They were even willing to go the extra mile when the need arose. I am truly happy with their service and will definitely recommend to everyone. The price is a tad bit higher than usual but you get what you pay for. A peace of mind when it comes to my ride is priceless. Good job Codewerx, really second to none!
8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4 #02-15/39 Premier @ Kaki Bukit, Singapore, 415875

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About Us

We like BMWs & MINIs as enthusiasts ... We tune, repair, flash, code and diagnose all BMWs as purists adhering to standards described in the BMW manuals.

6 years of industry experience.

Types of cars

We serve all types of cars.
We also specialise in brands such as
Bmw, Mini.

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