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Ee Ping Renault Fluence Oct 2020
Very friendly shop. They open on Sunday. I went in the morning and not crowded at all. I will go there again for my next service.
Marcus Chew Mar 2020
went to change my car rear brake shoes and pump. mechanics were precise and attentive. cleaned my original brake areas with STP spray too before fixing the new brake shoes and pump. Good job done. Price was reasonable, better than the previous one i did at another workshop. Thanks to Ah He and an uncle.
Chew Li Li Mar 2020
went for regular servicing at eng hup auto after a friend recommended. Changed air filter, air-con filter, oil filter and spark plugs. Prices were good compared to other workshops. Thanks Uncle Soon for providing good engine oil at reasonable price too, After servicing, my ride became smoother and fuel consumption improved too. Initially i had a little issue on engine oil leak underneath the car, mechanics were very meticulous to find the root cause, helped me resolved it in 30mins, nothing replaced :) helped me clean up my undercarriage too. nice n friendly chaps. special thanks to Ah He, very detailed n diligent when working on my vehicle. He takes pride in his work πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘highly recommended workshop!!!!!
Benny Mar 2019
Great service, boss is friendly and very helpful. Prices are very reasonable as well. Even gave me a can of 100 Plus.
Cal Feb 2019
My Mazda 6 got overheated today and I brought it to Eng Hup. They checked my car for the problem. Due to the need to replace the engine, I decided to scrap the car instead. Simon did not charge me a single cent for diagnosing the problem. Trustworthy and reasonable pricing. Will keep going back to them for future servicing and repairs.
Eng Hup Auto Parts Accessories Co
387J Woodlands Rd, Singapore, 677954

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