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Roger Mar 2019
My 6 month old battery flat on a Friday evening and managed to jump start. Called Mr Lee of Guan Lee Tyre and he agreed to stay back until I reach his shop, helped me get a mechanic to troubleshoot to see what is wrong (battery, alternator or others). Unfortunately, I left my wallet in office and he actually offered to borrow me money if I needed!! What a kind and professional man he is. Didn't manage to find out what's wrong and Mr Lee swap with a new battery and let me test it out. Thanks for your great and professional service.
Nicholas Dec 2018
Drove in for a battery change. No nonsense, just competent and friendly service by Mr Tay. The battery change was done properly and carefully, with a third battery connected to the car (he does not do it with the engine running like some others). Pricing is extremely competitive. Will be back for tyres soon.
Angela Jun 2018
Mr Tay is very professional and patient. The price is also reasonable. That's why throughout the 9 years my family has changed our tyres and car battery with him. He is also the one who spotted that I need to change my car brakes while changing the tyre as one side is wearing more than the other.
Desmond Apr 2018
Been to Guan Lee for a couple of years and has never been disappointed. Mr Tay the owner provides the best form customer service you can expect in the car industry. He does things the right way “changing battery with attachment of a external battery”, provides reasonable pricing and even follow up to see if your problem is solved. To add on to that he even remembers me by name. Once when I wanted to change tyres he advised that the tyres are still safely usable for like 10k km. He could have easily sold me a new set of tyres but I guess he believes in the concept of long term customer. Twice I have been stranded on a public holiday with a flat battery, twice he come down all the way to his workshop to sell me a battery even though his workshop is not open on public holidays. I have not seen this kind of dedication to customers in the car industry. If you are looking at this and are looking for tyre/battery change do head down to Guan Lee and you will fully understand why he’s one of the best in the industry.
Rachelle Apr 2018
Mr Tay (the owner) is a wonderful man, humble and pleasant! Provide me a very good customer service when I arrive, he is prompt, fast and most importantly, his offer price for tyres is by far the lowest. I will recommend anyone to call up Mr Tay to check for your tyre replacement cost, his place is at kaki Bukit auto hub and 1st hour parking is free. My tyres is changed less than 20 mins :) Hope your business continue to bloom Mr Tay! We need more providers like you !
Guan Lee Tyre & Co.
2 Kaki Bukit Ave 2 #01-19 Kaki Bukit Autohub, Singapore, 417921

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